Thank you,

For stopping through and joining this journey. We are striving to bring to you some great content in the form of hip hop music.


We are a team of artist who have taken their passion for music to share with you experiences from all facets of life. We enjoy the passion to create and have for quite some time. Taking influences from classic and new including nas, jay-z, big sean, drake, kendrick lamar, busta ryhmes, lost boyz, eminem etc. We have been able to take what best portrays our passion by incorporating new sounds and innovative creations to bring you our story. Please take the ride and embark on this journey along side us! With out you the fans none of this is possible!


We have come to realize that the genre we all know as hip hop has been receiving a lot of negative feedback from some of the people who were once long time supporters of the culture. So with that in mind we have been able to bring you music that speaks to the soul, the heart and the mind of the listener! Please prepare yourselves for some great music that speaks to all walks of life. Fun, heartache, life, struggle laughter, love etc…. There isn’t a topic untouched. Mood music is the best way to describe what we bring to you ears to enjoy.


This site will allow you to obtain all information Lost Cause related. New music, videos, shows and other events will be spelled out and just a click away right here! Please feel free to browse and share your experience with your friends and family! Our hard work will become clear as you explore the world that is Lost Cause!

Remember…………. “When Words Fail, Music Speaks”

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